avana LLC

Upgrade your story telling.

Over 100 customers use my multi-media to power their marketing programs.

Hello and welcome to my portfolio! I am a multi-media producer based in California who believes in moving others through video and imagery. I have produced multi-media content for several news stations in Santa Barbara, non-profit multi-media production companies, and 100+ clients across California. You can count on my years of experience producing TV commercials, web videos, training content, news stories, documentaries, podcasts, and multi-media story-telling to bring your project to life.

I offer a full range of services to take video projects from script to screen. This includes the pre-production planning, production and the post-production editing & motion graphics. If you are looking to improve customer attainment and conversion through the production of multi-media content, look no further! Or if you are in need of compelling story telling through audio and visual media channels, I'm your gal!

Audio & Visual

Live A/V management.

Marketing Multimedia

Multi-media for business purposes.

Personal Media

Multi-media for personal uses.